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Steve and Michele

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Steve and Michele are two unique, motivational and inspirational leaders with a different perspective. Since 2009, they have entertained and inspired listeners on their internet radio show, Laugh or Go Crazy.

Steve and Michele have built a loyal international audience inspiring over 180,000 listeners with over four million podcast downloads on iTunes. Their fresh and innovative take on spirituality have set them apart from the mainstream gurus which has been their winning combination. Laugh or Go Crazy can be found on FMG Radio, iTunes, Podbean, Twitter and Facebook.

As professionals in the field of education, Steve and Michele have taught our youth for over 15 years. Michele holds a BA & MA degree from Dowling College in Education, Psychology and Reading. Steve holds a BA degree from Stony Brook University in Liberal Arts and a MA degree from Dowling College in Education. Currently, they both work in public education.






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