Jody Colvard

Jody Colvard


Jody Colvard’s career spans over 19 years of business successes. She has worked closely with celebrities such as Chaka Khan; with charity organizations such as Make a Wish Foundation and The Sole of Africa with Nelson Mandela, Brad Pitt and Sir Richard Branson; and with clients featured on 20/20, Good Morning America, Oprah, and Dr. Phil.

Jody’s primary role is as the Founder/ CEO of FMG Network, a matrix of businesses delivering practical and inspiring information to help people achieve, and live a life in balance. FMG’s mission is to Have Fun. Make Money. Do Good. and it fulfills that mission via its university; online magazine; online/hardcopy publishing firm; studio; podcasting directory; and motivational TV and radio network with a global broadcast platform. With the network now also providing GoogleTV-ready video and audio, FMG’s training programs and distributional reach combine to empower writers, speakers, and experts to share their voices and messages worldwide.

Since 2004, FMG Network has delivered audio and video programming to cell phones, iPods – mobile devices in general – and computers. Soon, FMG’s members will, just as directly, deliver their content into viewers/ listeners home TV sets via GoogleTV technology. And, in keeping with the Make Money portion of FMG’s vision, FMG members generate revenue many different ways including via products, instructor-led courses, services, advertising, sponsorships, and downloadable broadcasts.

Jody is a pioneer – and an insider’s mentor – in the realms of internet marketing, new media, social networking, and business strategy development. As such, she’s distilled that knowledge into her acclaimed book and training program Be A Show Host: How to Connect Your Dream to The New World of Community, Customers and Continual Profits. This comprehensive media course has been used to teach over 500 students to develop professional, polished, and – best of all – profitable TV and radio shows.

She also furthers her commitment to inspire others to do good with her legacy program, The Blue Butterfly Project ( A portion of the course fees from FMG University – and profits from the other FMG companies – are donated to Blue Butterfly’s chosen philanthropic projects around the globe.

An ardent supporter of various causes, from Make a Wish Foundation, where she was instrumental in making a young boy’s wish come true, in conjunction with Ron Howard of Imagine Entertainment and Robin Williams, raising money to feed the homeless through a project called “Pennies From Heaven”, donating thousands of dollars to the American Cancer Association to raising thousands of dollars for the Scleroderma Society at Hugh Hefner’s Mansion, Jody has volunteered her time and resources to help make a difference in the world.

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