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Speaking The Language of The Heart: How To Express Yourself With Honesty and Respect

How To Express Yourself With Honesty and Respect

This week David and Sue-Anne kick off a new 5-part series on communicating from the heart called Speaking The Language of The Heart.

The first episode features the hilarious Alignment Movie: What About Bob?

In the second half of the show, Sue-Anne will provide a mini – Alignment Session called: Bringing Things Back to Basics, Start with Yourself.







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Everyday life is a journey through change. Peace Overtures radio was created to assist you with the normal life transitions by providing relief, peace and emotional healing. Each week co-hosts David Barnes and Sue-Anne MacGregor assist others in finding peace of mind with their emotions, relationships, and business life. Peace Overtures Radio will help you discover a process of self-mastery utilizing Alignment Process movies and individual sessions as a guiding tool of discovery and energetic healing.

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