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Podcast 54: Dr. Michael A. Smith, Senior Health Scientist Talks About Life Extension

 Episode 54 Dr. Michael A. Smith

Podcast 53: Dr. Craig Weiner Discusses ADHD & Julie Daniluk Discusses Nutrition

 Episode 53 Dr. Weiner & Julie Daniluk

Podcast 52: Dr. Dan Twogood on Chronic Pain, Sharon Carne on Sound Healing & Jeanette Chasworth on Color-Health

 Episode 52 Twogood, Carne & Chasworth

Podcast 51: Dr. Dawson Church and Dr. Richard Ruhling

 Episode 51 Dr. Church & Dr. Ruhling

Podcast 50: Dr. Hanne Hojsted, Dr. Leslie Phillips & Rev. Marilyn Redmond

 Episode 50 Hojsted, Phillips & Redmond

Podcast 49: Dr. Beth Gineris, Pamela Harper, R.N. & Kevin Suttle

 Episode 49 Gineris, Harper, Suttle

Podcast 48: Dr Edward Kondrot, Founder of Healing the Eye and Wellness Center

 Episode 48 Dr. Edward Kondrot

Podcast 47: Dr Annette Poizner, Psychotherapist and Paul Huljick, Expert in Stress Management

 Episode 47 Poizner & Huljick

Podcast 46: Dr Joseph Cardillo and Dr Scott Denny Talk Mind-Body Medicine

 Episode 46 Cardillo & Denny

Guests: Dr Joseph Cardillo, Author in the Field of Health, Mind-Body Medicine and Dr Scott Denny, Developer of the Painless Acupuncture Method

Mind-Body Medicine

Dr Joseph Cardillo

Dr Cardillo is a best selling author in the field of health, mind-body medicine and psychology. His books have been translated into 10 languages.

Visit Dr Joseph Cardillo's Site

Dr Scott Denny

Dr Denny has lectured nationally and internationally and is developer of the painless acupuncture method.and focuses on acupuncture, pain management, and oriental medicine.

Visit Dr Scott Denny's Site

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