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Laugh or Go Crazy: Sn 1 / Ep 06 What’s Your Emotional Number?

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What number are you? It could be the most important number that you are. More important than your age. Listen in to Michele & Steve and find out how to increase this number and improve your life.

Peace Overtures: Sn 3 / Ep 35 Five Dimensions of Well-Being – Returning Balance To Life

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This week Sue-Anne and David continue their season long theme: The Five Dimensions of Well-Being, with another Alignment Process film around the ENVIRONMENT dimension. This episode is called: Returning Balance ...

Laugh or Go Crazy: Sn 1 / Ep 05 Stairway To Happiness

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Start climbing the steps to happiness. Tonight we talk about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and fulfillment. Find out where you are on the happiness scale. Fulfillment & happiness is only a few steps away.

Laugh or Go Crazy: Sn 1 / Ep 04 Be Here Now!

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Spring has sprung! It's all about being present and here now. This one idea of being present in your everyday life can be a game changer. Listen and see..

Laugh or Go Crazy: Sn 1 / Ep 03 You My Home

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Wow....feeling a sense of home within yourself is BIG. Home is where the heart is they say. Well, that couldn't be more closer to the truth. It doesn't matter where you're living, it's you that makes it home. Wh...

Laugh or Go Crazy: Sn 1 / Ep 02 A Successful Mind

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Our thoughts create our reality. Imagine yourself controlling your mind in a way that invites success that has no limits? Change your thoughts, change your life! Listen in to Michele & Steve discover the power t...

Laugh or Go Crazy: Sn 1 / Ep 01 The Story of You

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What is the story of you? What chapter are you in? Are you writing your best life? The Story of You is an important one which must be shared and embraced. Even the not so good parts. Each part of your story is a c...

AgeNation: Sn 3 / Ep 34 The School Called Earth

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This week co-hosts George Cappannelli and Alan Hutner explore one of the most profound and most frequently missed keys to a life of genuine value – The School Called The Earth. Remember valuate a key this is and how...

Dr. Diane MD: Sn 3 / Ep 39 Sexy over Sixty with Leslie Triall

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Leslie Traill, founder of “Sexy Over Sixty,” is a pioneer in the field of life coaching and personal empowerment – in fact, she began her coaching career back in 1977, before there were even training courses availab...