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Playful Relationships Everyday With Hannah Kay

Playful Relationships Everyday With Hannah Kay Sn 1 / Ep 01 How to Love After Valentine’s Day!

Welcome to a sneak peek of the new FMG Radio show “Playful Relationships Everyday With Hannah Kay“, a radio show enthusiast and native New Yorker, also known as “The Yankee Girl” who loves to listen, and give dating tips to men and women over 40. She adds a youthful perspective to a mature conversation, which is why her advice can appeal to both men and women of all ages. .

Turn back the clock, and look back to your wonder years. Has the method of finding love changed between then and NOW in 2015?

Some think the differences may be staggering, but as adults dating in the 21st century, we will take a closer look on how to love in 2015 and how we can merge our the techniques of our wonder years then, with the modern ways today.

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