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Emmanuel Itier

Happiness Choice: Sn 6 / Ep 82 Emmanuel Itier, International Film Producer and Director of Documentaries and Feature Films – Part 2

Emmanuel Itier is an international film Producer and director of documentaries and feature films ranging from thrillers and popular films like ‘Tell me no Lies’, ‘Scarecrow‘, Wildflower’, Johnny Mnemonic’, and ‘Red Passage’.

His passion is to create consciousness raising films like the Peace documentary ‘The Invocation’ narrated by Sharon Stone and with Desmond Tutu, HH The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra and many other peace activists.

His current mission is to share his latest documentary Celebrating Women around the planet: ‘FEMME-Women healing the World.’   This Documentary earned several Awards around the World. Mr. Itier is now directing five documentaries in order to keep making Peace, One movie at a time. This series is called The Universalis Collection: Documentaries for a Conscious Humanity.

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