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Sparkle: Sn 01 Ep 08 Malika Tirolien, Sing/Songwriter/Producer

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Malika Tirolien was raised in an artistic environment - Her grandfather inspired her with poems, her grandmother was a pianist, and her father was a self taught multi-instrumentalist. This background shaped her wi...

Sparkle: Sn 01 Ep 07 Kaylee Crossfire, R&B/Pop/Rap Artist

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Kaylee Crossfire, is an independent R&B/Pop/Rap artist born and raised in MILWAUKEE, WI. At the age of 12, Kaylee Crossfire took a interest in Song Writing, and Singing. Since then she has developed hersel...

Sparkle: Sn 01 Ep 06 DijahSB, Canadian Rapper

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DijahSB, is a 23 year old rapper born and raised in Toronto. She reps at shows around the city but is known far and wide by her fans via her Twitter handle @DijahSB and her extensive list of projects released on S...

Sparkle: Sn 01 Ep 05 Chloe Dolores, Canadian Musician

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Upon moving to Toronto at age 18, Chloë began frequenting open mics with her grandfather’s old telecaster and a collection of lighthearted pop songs that she had written in high school. Before long she had fo...

Sparkle: Sn 01 Ep 04 Darcy Jeavons, California Singer/Songwriter

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Darcy Jeavons is and award-winning songwriter from Southern California, and has been making music her whole life. At a very young age, she picked up a guitar — and knew right away that it would be a perfect way to...

Sparkle: Sn 01 Ep 03 Claire Mortifee, Canadian Singer/Songwriter

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Claire Mortifee is a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist from Vancouver, BC. Claire brings a perfect storm of vocal ability, magnetic presence and sheer confidence. Watching her perform is mesmerizing; infl...

Sparkle: Sn 01 Ep 02 Austyn Leshawn, Canadian Singer/Songwriter

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Austin Leshaun Bishop-Carimbocas (born August 10th 1992) known as Austyn Leshawn, is a Canadian Singer/Songwriter originally from Toronto Ontario. Born into a Musical Trinidadian family, Austyn showed interest ...

Sparkle: Sn 01 Ep 01 Shelsey Jarvis, Country Music Singer/Songwriter

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Shelsey is no stranger to country. She grew up listening to Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson. After moving to places like Philadelphia, New York and Montreal, she started discovering other types of music. Nothing ...

Laugh or Go Crazy: Sn 1 / Ep 06 What’s Your Emotional Number?

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What number are you? It could be the most important number that you are. More important than your age. Listen in to Michele & Steve and find out how to increase this number and improve your life.

Dr. Diane MD: Sn 3 / Ep 30 Dr. Bert Herring Shares the Weight Loss with Fast 5 Diet and Lifestyle

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How would you like to FINALLY take control of your weight with a diet and lifestyle proven to work? Join Dr. Diane MD with Dr. Bert Herring as we talk about the benefits of the revolutionary Fast-5 Diet and Lifest...

Peace Overtures: Sn 3 / Ep 35 Five Dimensions of Well-Being – Returning Balance To Life

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This week Sue-Anne and David continue their season long theme: The Five Dimensions of Well-Being, with another Alignment Process film around the ENVIRONMENT dimension. This episode is called: Returning Balance ...

Laugh or Go Crazy: Sn 1 / Ep 05 Stairway To Happiness

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Start climbing the steps to happiness. Tonight we talk about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and fulfillment. Find out where you are on the happiness scale. Fulfillment & happiness is only a few steps away.

Dr. Diane MD: Sn 5 / Ep 63 How to Avoid Falling in Love With a Jerk with Dr. John Van Epp

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Dr. John Van Epp, therapist, former adjunct professor, author and lecturer, is the President and Founder of LoveThinks, LCC, an organization dedicated to the development of resources that promote healthy individuals...

Peace Overtures: Sn 3 / Ep 34 Five Dimensions of Well-Being – The Power of Co-Creation

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This week Sue-Anne and David continue their Five Dimensions of Well-Being Series with another Alignment Session around the ENVIRONMENT dimension. The featured Alignment Process film is Planetary. PLANETARY e...

Laugh or Go Crazy: Sn 1 / Ep 04 Be Here Now!

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Spring has sprung! It's all about being present and here now. This one idea of being present in your everyday life can be a game changer. Listen and see..

Peace Overtures: Sn 3 / Ep 33 Five Dimensions of Well-Being – Keeping Up With Climate Change

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David and Sue-Anne continue their series: Five Dimensions of Well-Being with the focus this week on the ENVIRONMENT. The featured Alignment Movie is: An Inconvenient Truth. An Inconvenient Truth is a 2006 do...

Laugh or Go Crazy: Sn 1 / Ep 03 You My Home

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Wow....feeling a sense of home within yourself is BIG. Home is where the heart is they say. Well, that couldn't be more closer to the truth. It doesn't matter where you're living, it's you that makes it home. Wh...

B4Soul: Sn 2 / Ep 14 Igniting Brilliance Through Feminine Leadership – Waking Up to Your Passion, Purpose, or Calling With Lisa Marie Jenkins

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Our guest today is the Founder of Igniting Brilliance through Feminine Leadership - a consulting company providing professional business women mentoring, personal & professional development, and peer group interacti...

Dr. Diane MD: Sn 3 / Ep 33 Self-Care Reform with Rusty Gregory, M.S., C.S.C.S., CWC

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Rusty is the coauthor of Living Wheat-Free For Dummies (Wiley Publishing). He received his B.S. (Commercial and Industrial Fitness) in 1989 from Texas Tech University and his M.S. (Kinesiology) in 1991 from the Univ...

Peace Overtures: Sn 3 / Ep 32 Five Dimensions of Well-Being – Is FOOD Driving Your Life?

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Sue-Anne and David continue their Five Dimensions of Well-Being series with another episode in the FOOD dimension called: Is Food Driving Your Life. The featured Alignment Film is: Super Size Me Super Size M...

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