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Happiness Series: Say Yes To Happiness!


Say Yes To Happiness!

It’s time to try something new and this week’s show will provide the inspiration to say Yes to Happiness!

The featured alignment movie is: Yes Man.

This week’s Alignment Session is called: Forgive and Step into a New Future.







Happiness Series: How To Discover Your True Bliss


Are you not sure how to find a life that makes you happy? Tune in this week to learn how to discover your true bliss.

The featured alignment movie is: Eat | Pray | Love.

In the second half of the show Sue-Anne will discuss an alignment session called: Take The Pressure Off.







Justin Faerman, Visual Design Artist and Co-Founder of Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

Justin Faerman

Justin Faerman

Justin is a spiritual life coach, conscious entrepreneur, artist, writer and self-proclaimed ‘personal growth junky’.
He has been mentored by some of the world’s most respected spiritual teachers and is known for his unconventional, playful and highly practical approach to spiritual development and life in general (after all, life is supposed to be fun, right?).
He brings over 10 years of insight gained from first- hand personal development work to the magazine (and a really fresh and arty design sense).
Visit Justin‘s Website at:







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