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Guest: Successful Author and International Speaker Chip Conley

Chip Conley

In 1987, at age 26, Chip Conley started Joie de Vivre (JDV), a hospitality company based in San Francisco.  He began by transforming a squalid 1950's Tenderloin District motel into Phoenix Hotel, a renowned rock 'n' roll destination catering to celebrities such as David Bowie, Linda Ronstadt and Nirvana.

JDV then expanded into a collection of nearly 40 award-winning hotels, restaurants and spas, with more than 3,000 employees - and with each property conveying a unique personality often influenced thematically by a popular magazine.

After 24 years as JDV's CEO, Chip is now a Strategic Advisor to the company he founded, and a successful author and international speaker for organizations from TED to PIXAR to GOOGLE.

He is author of several best-selling business books. His most recent New York Times best-seller is entitled Emotional Equations: Simple Truths for Creating Happiness + Success.

He is also an ambassador for an important new movement in business called Conscious Capitalism, joining other visionaries such as John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods.

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Professor Leonard Steinhorn, Author of the Greater Generation: in Defense of the Baby Boom Legacy

Leonard Steinhorn

Leonard Steinhorn is a full-time professor of Public Communication at American University.

His expertise includes American politics, culture and media, strategic communication, the presidency, and recent American history.

He is author of The Greater Generation and co-author of By the Color of Our Skin: The Illusion of Integration and the Reality of Race.

He has published in books, journals, the Washington Post, Salon, Politico, and International Herald Tribune, among others.

Professor Steinhorn was twice named American University Faculty Member of the Year.

He serves as political analyst for FOX-5 News in Washington, DC. Before joining the AU faculty, he spent 15 years as a political consultant and speechwriter.

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Guest: Author, Columnist and Boomer Women Advocate, Helen Dennis

Helen Dennis

Helen Dennis calls upon Boomer and older women to shape a new kind of retirement, one that she refers to as "renewment" to emphasize the possibility of positive change, enlightenment, and adventure. She believes that this is the time for today's career women, who led the women's movement of the late sixties and seventies, to create a new and empowering vision for their retirement years. During this program we're going to speak with Helen about women, careers, retirement, ageism, and, hopefully, a bright future for the next generation of retirees.

Helen is a nationally recognized leader on issues of aging, employment and the new retirement. In the academic environment, she has received awards for her university teaching at the University of Southern California's Davis School at the Andrus Gerontology Center.

Editor of two books, author of over 35 articles and a frequent speaker, she is a weekly columnist on Successful Aging for seven southern California newspapers reaching 1.3 million readers plus on-line readers.

In the area of retirement planning, Helen has assisted over 10,000 employees to prepare for the non-financial aspects of their retirement. Her trainees include senior corporate executives, mid-level managers, factory workers, university faculty and staff, physicians, engineers and clergy. Helen's work, achievements and contributions have been recognized with numerous awards.

In her volunteer life, she is past chair of five non-profit organizations including the American Society on Aging's Business Forum on Aging.

Most recently, she is co-author with Bernice Bratter, of the Los Angeles Times bestseller Project Renewment ™, The First Retirement Model for Career Women (Scribner.)

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Book By Helen Dennis:
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Guest: Dr. Peter Whitehouse, M.D., Ph.D., Author of The Myth of Alzheimer's

Dr. Peter Whitehouse M.D., Ph.D.

Peter J. Whitehouse, MD-PhD (Psychology) and MA (Bioethics) is Professor of Neurology at Case Western Reserve University.

He has also held appointments in psychiatry, neuroscience, psychology, nursing, organizational behavior, cognitive science, bioethics, and history.

His long-term interest is developing innovative clinical and learning environments to promote individual and collective health and wisdom through the power of narrative imagination.

He is the author (with Danny George) of a book entitled "The Myth of Alzheimer's: What You Aren't Being Told About Today's Most Dreaded Diagnosis" (St. Martin's Press January 2008).

He is a founder with his wife of The Intergenerational School - an innovative, successful, urban public school.

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Guest: In Memoriam - David B. Wolfe, Author, Thought Leader and a Friend For the Ages

David B. Wolfe

Most of us consider ourselves lucky if we find a single mentor early in life -- someone who has the wisdom and compassion to lead us closer to our dreams, talents and values. It is even rarer to discover a mentor later in life who nudges us to reconsider where we've come from and where we're heading next.

One man I first met just nine years ago had an influence on me that changed the way I pursued a marketing career fettered by twentieth-century baggage.

His name is David B. Wolfe, and he finished his work and gave us his final gifts during this lifetime on Saturday, December 3, 2011.

David was a visionary in identifying shifting business values paralleling population aging, a maturing, if you will, of the value that companies and their products bring to our lives. He brilliantly expressed these insights as coauthor of the influential business books, Ageless Marketing and Firms of Endearment.

His most recent book, Brave New Worldview, published posthumously in July 2012, investigates how society's values are dramatically changing as a result of underlying trends of aging demographics and psychosocial maturation of the human species. For one, we're finally learning to think with both hemispheres of our brains, an evolutionary change that may be fundamental to survival of humankind.

David will be missed by many colleagues and friends worldwide. Yet his legacy will live on for generations. In this far-reaching interview, he shares his wisdom and intellectual passions. Among all the accomplishments of his lifetime, David will be remembered as an articulate and forceful friend for the ages.

David B. Wolfe's Blog:

Books By David B. Wolfe:
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Journalist & Author Mark Miller, Writer of Trends In Retirement and Aging

Mark Miller

Mark Miller is a journalist, author and editor who writes about trends in retirement and aging. He has a special focus on how the baby boomer generation is revising its approach to careers, money and lifestyles after age 50.

Mark edits and publishes, featured as one of the best retirement planning sites on the web in the May 2010 issue of Money Magazine.

He writes Retire Smart, a syndicated weekly newspaper column and also contributes weekly to

He also writes regularly for The Huffington Post and CBS Moneywatch.

He is the former editor of Crain's Chicago Business and Sunday editor of the

Chicago Sun-Times, and wrote op-ed columns for both publications on business and economic affairs. He was the founding editor of Satisfaction, a Chicago-area boomer lifestyle magazine owned by Tribune Co.

Read Mark Miller's Blog Posts:

Guest: Dr. Jed Diamond, Founder and Director of MenAlive

Dr. Jed Diamond

Dr. Jed Diamond is founder and director of MenAlive, a health program that helps men live long and well.

Here's his personal mission statement: "My passion in life is to support men, and the women who love them, in eliminating the stresses that undermine their health and wreck their relationships."

Jed's newest book, MenAlive: Stop Killer Stress with Simple Energy Healing Tools, brings together the wisdom he has accumulated across 40 years helping more than 20,000 men, women, and children. This book teaches men and women four simple practices that can be used to prevent stress-related problems.

He has been a licensed psychotherapist since the 1960s and is the author of ten books including the international best-selling Male Menopause, which has been translated into 24 languages.

His next hit was The Irritable Male Syndrome, published by Rodale Press, publisher of Men's Health magazine, in the fall of 2004.

Another recent book is Mr. Mean: Saving Your Relationship from the Irritable Male Syndrome and can be thought of as a handbook for Boomer women, helping their relationships with troubled men survive and thrive.

Since inception of MenAlive, Jed Diamond has been on the Board of Advisors of the Men's Health Network. He is a member of the International Society for the Study of the Aging Male and serves as a member of the International Scientific Board of the World Congress on Men's Health.

He has been featured on more than 1,000 radio and T.V. programs including The View with Barbara Walters, Good Morning America, the Today Show, CNN-360 with Anderson Cooper, CBS, NBC, and Fox News.

He has taught at U.C. Berkeley, U.C.L.A., J.F.K. University, Esalen Institute, The Omega Institute, and other centers of education throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Visit Dr. Jed Diamond's Website:

Guest: Jeff Zimman, Co-Founder and Chairman of Posit Science

Jeff Zimman

Jeff Zimman is the co-founder and Chairman of Posit Science, the leading provider of brain fitness software. More than 60 articles in peer-reviewed science and medical journals have shown that the company's patented technologies significantly increase processing speed, improve memory and attention, and enhance quality of life.

Brain training can even improve your overall mood and handling of daily activities such as driving.

The company's distribution partners for its products include long term care facilities and auto insurers, retirement communities, adult education programs...

hospitals, clinics, senior centers, national retailers and AAA auto clubs. Its products, scientists and science are currently featured in three documentaries on public television about "Brain Fitness" and the company has won numerous awards and accolades. From 2003 to 2008, Jeff served as President and CEO; he now focuses his efforts on strategic relationships and corporate development.

Jeff is a former Venture Partner of VSP Capital, a former Managing Director of Lazard, where he founded and ran the investment bank's early stage advisory business, and a former partner of Cooley Godward, where he headed the corporate and securities practice in the law firm's San Francisco office. Earlier in his career, Jeff was an award-winning newspaper reporter, covering business and technology. He earned his AB degree at Bowdin College and his JD and MBA degrees at Stanford.

Visit Jeff Zimman's Website:

Guest: Marc Sotkin, Former Head Writer for The Golden Girls

Marc Sotkin

Marc Sotkin began his writing career in 1976 and has been a staff writer and producer on more than 350 episodes of various situation comedies for every television network.

His credits include head writer and executive producer of Laverne & Shirley, The Golden Girls, as well as co-writing and producing two Garry Shandling specials for Showtime.

He has been honored with multiple Emmy, Golden Globe and Cable Ace award nominations and has won a prestigious Writers Guild Award In 2008 he began writing, producing and performing Boomer Alley, a weekly online video that is syndicated to various websites:


In 2009 he published his first novel, The Comatose Adventures of Lenny Rose. In 2010 he began hosting Boomer Alley Radio airing weekly on KFWB, the CBS affiliate in Los Angles as well as on stations across Colorado. The show is also available world-wide via podcast. He continues to write and develop projects for TV and the web. His new novel With Time Off For Bad Behavior is now available.

Visit Marc Sotkin's Website:

Marc Sotkin's Books:

Guest: Director of Academic Affairs for AARP, Rick Moody

Rick Moody

From a business perspective, Dr. Harry "Rick" Moody is Director of Academic Affairs for AARP in Washington, DC, where he has gained and contributed much practical wisdom about the social, economic and cultural aspects of aging today. He also serves as Senior Associate with the International Longevity Center-USA and Senior Fellow of Civic Ventures.

He is author of over 100 scholarly articles and book chapters, as well as a number of books including: "Abundance of Life: Human Development Policies for an Aging Society"; "Ethics in an Aging Society"; and "Aging: Concepts and Controversies" (a gerontology textbook now in its 3rd edition). "The Five Stages of the Soul," one of his most powerful books which I excerpted above, has been published by Doubleday Anchor Books and translated into seven languages worldwide.

Dr. Moody previously served as Executive Director of the Brookdale Center on Aging at Hunter College and Chairman of the Board of Elderhostel.

Consider his thoughts for a moment from the perspective of your life today:

"One morning each of us, rich or poor, successful or not successful, wakes up in the midst of life to find ourself in the same troubling place: the woman who always wanted a baby but one day finds herself past childbearing age; the doting parents whose children have all grown up and left the nest; the set-the-world-on-fire careerist trapped in a no-exit job - or no job at all; the suddenly graying wunderkinds who always thought themselves 'younger than others' ; the wildly successful professionals who've made a small fortune, but who can't seem to enjoy their success; the artists and writers and poets whose youthful hopes lie buried beneath a pile of rejection slips; the tired lovers and paramours, the twice-married and thrice-married, all coming to suspect that romantic relationships are not, after all, the best way to fill that deep, lonely place in the heart."

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