Episode 28: Doug Price of Rocky Mountain PBS Talks Next Avenue

Doug Price Brent Green Interviews Doug Price, President
and CEO of Rocky Mountain PBS about the
new site Next Avenue for Boomers.

Next Avenue is a new national pubic media website that launched May 15, 2012 by PBS stations across America. It is focused on America's growing 50+ population. Next Avenue provides information and perspectives with articles and blogs written by staff journalists and expert contributors; curated content from government and nonprofit agencies and commercial media sources; video from PBS stations and independent producers; and community discussions in which users connect and share stories.

Next Avenue topic areas include:

Health & Wellness
Money & Security
Work & Purpose
Living & Learning

Next Avenue is targeting people who are starting to think about or are living what the producers call "adult part 2"--a new lifestage being largely defined by the Boomer population, the 80 million Americans born from 1946 to 1964 who are living longer and living their "older" years differently than generations before them.

There are 73 PBS stations that have signed on as Next Avenue affiliates, which will provide important local information to their markets. The CEO of one of the PBS affiliates is with me today; Doug Price.

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